Facility Rentals

Thank you for taking interest in the availability of our facility for rental opportunities.  As we focus on outreach into our community that aligns with the mission and vision of KAC, we are pleased to make our facility available for rental for events such as:

  1. Weddings and Funerals
  2. Support Groups – Weekly and monthly meetings and training seminars
  3. Health Authorities – Vaccination clinics, blood donation clinics, educational and training seminars
  4. Not-for-Profits – For those groups whose mission and vision align with those of KAC
  5. Local Governments – Polling Stations and Community Events

KAC will not support rental of facility space where there is personal gain for any individual, business, or user group. Including, but not limited to, financial, political, or advertising use.

Please fill out the request form and someone from our Team will reach out to you.

All facility use requests are subject to availability and approval by our leadership team.

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