Who We Are

God is faithful and has a plan for each of us. KAC has a long and rich history in our community. Watch our faith story of rising from the ashes to share God’s love for all people.  



We are marked by God’s love for us and because of that we love others.


We are created to do life together. We are stronger when we are encouraged and build each other up.


We are shaped by the things we love, so we worship God through daily habits and routines.


We are on mission. We are intentional about making Jesus known in our areas of influence.

Our vision is to see all people become
fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ

Core Values

Gospel Centered

The gospel is at the center of everything we do at KAC. It is not simply the introduction to Christianity, but a daily way of life. Without the gospel, pride or apathy can grow, and the church risks drifting into gimmicks and dangerous practices. This means that all our weekend gatherings and ministries are based on gospel principles. We don’t want to be givers of good advice but instead share the powerful truth of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.

Deeper Life

The Christian and Missionary Alliance has a rich history of believing in and promoting the “deeper life” given to us through the Holy Spirit. When we make a conscious decision to believe in Jesus and follow His teaching through the gospel, we invite Him to change us by his Spirit, who fills us with life, love, joy, and peace. We then show our love for Jesus by loving our neighbours through serving in our church and community.


We believe that people would rather feel loved than wowed. We acknowledge and reflect on the mosaic of differences within our city and our church, and we believe that change is a community project. It is our commitment to gather and do life together as a community with people of all ages, regardless of skin colour, background, and beliefs.

On Mission

We are a “going” people. As Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” (John 20:21 NIV) We believe KAC is part of God’s plan to reach our city and the world. Our mission is focused on thinking, praying, and working towards the spiritual restoration and holistic health of our neighbours, city, and world.


At KAC we understand that ministry is done in a particular place, time, and context, so we are always thinking strategically about current global and local culture, and intentionally speaking to the issues people are facing here and now. We strive to create a healthy, dynamic, and Christ-centered internal culture in our staff and congregation. People can always feel when a culture is warm and inviting. This is the type of church and people we desire to be.

Meet The KAC Team

Our team is a great group of people who love Jesus, the community, and any opportunity to celebrate and have fun. Come say hello at one of our Weekend Gatherings or during office hours.


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Life Groups

Small, close-knit groups where we grow in our faith together. 

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“I once was isolated but because of Jesus I am free.”



Mary Jo Sharp

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