Revive nights are foundational for us as we desire to be a praying church!

We hope you will both physically and spiritually, come hungry. On the day Revive is held, we invite you to fast* during the day and we will break our fast together at the 5pm community meal. Fasting is a discipline where as we deny our physical appetites, we enter into a greater dependence on God and become more attuned to His voice. At Revive, we’ll have a community meal and a time of corporate worship and prayer. Come with anticipation and expectation of being in each other’s presence, and, together, in the presence of God.

*(If it is not possible for you to fast from food, consider fasting from something else for the day, such as technology.)

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30sep4:30 pm8:00 pmREVIVE

Each Revive night will be loosely structured around 3 prayer movements


Marked by expression of wonder and gratitude, we set our hearts and minds on the majesty of who God is and what He does.


In stillness and quiet, we intentionally offer space and time for the Holy Spirit to minister to us in the specific ways He sees fit.


The prayers of the church are a mighty force that calls for the transforming power of Jesus to bring healing, restoration, and hope!

To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world!




Yes! Although we will not be offering childcare at Revive, we desire to create a space where all ages will feel welcome to come and participate. We encourage you to come as a family to worship together. 

What does a Revive night look like?

We’ll have a community meal at where we’ll have the chance to hang out, laugh, and build community. Then, we’ll move into a time of corporate worship and prayer, focusing on Celebration, Contemplation, and Contending.  

The first portion of the night (Celebration) will be structured to be intentionally family friendly. Then, before moving in to Contemplation and Contending, we will offer a period of transition, during which time parents with young children are welcome to depart if they need to head home for normal bedtime rhythms, or other family needs. Come with anticipation and expectation of being in each other’s presence, and, together, in the presence of God. 


Currently we are only able to accommodate those who are gluten free. If you are unable to attend the dinner portion of the evening due to dietary concerns, we encourage you to join us at 6:30pm as we begin our time or prayer and worship.

Why should I Fast?

Christians across the centuries have engaged in the practice of fasting: abstaining from food for a period of time in order to heighten our spiritual awareness of God’s presence with us, and connect with Him more deeply. As we deny our physical appetites, we grow in hunger for God. Some people will fast for part of or a whole day periodically, or for an extended period of time.

While fasting is not commanded in scripture, it does take place. Jesus fasted following his baptism, the apostle Paul fasted for 3 days after his encounter with the risen Christ, and the nation of Israel fasted during times of repentance.

For more information, watch a sermon about fasting here.

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“I once was isolated but because of Jesus I am free.”



Mary Jo Sharp

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