Important Update

Watch Update from Pastor Chris

We would like to bring you up to speed on the situation regarding fraudulent emails you may have received this week.

On Tuesday, October 10, we were targets of a phishing scam. This scam wound up giving someone limited access to our online database, Planning Centre, and KAC congregants started to receive fraudulent emails from someone posed as Pastor Chris.

We have confirmed with Planning Center that this was not a complete data breach, and thanks to the quick action of many people, Planning Center, is no longer breached and is safe to use. We can also assure you that no financial information was exposed, breached or leaked.

While we sort this out, we advise you to be diligent and attentive to your online profiles and presence. Be aware of any strange correspondences or requests.

As a church and staff, we feel heartbroken that this has happened, and our commitment is to keep you informed about the situation moving forward with transparent and timely communication.

You can expect more updates as we move through the next few weeks. Please stay tuned for further support and resources.

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Tim Hoogenboom
Executive Pastor