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The KAC Kids mission is for all children to become passionate followers of Christ. Our video content is designed to teach, encourage, and equip children with knowledge about God and the Bible.

KAC KIDS Online is geared toward ages 3 through 11 years, but of course all ages are welcome. Families are provided with the material needed to engage in a message, worship, and “big idea” lesson just like they would on a regular weekend.

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What curriculum do you use?

Our curriculum is put together from various trusted sources and is often coordinated with the messages being taught in the main service during the Weekend Gathering so the whole family can engage and grow together.  At times, our curriculum will vary from the message you are hearing if we feel the topic is not one that can be taught in an age appropriate way.

Are there any take home tools?

We provide a regular KAC Kids newsletter that has an “At Home” section providing you with the weekly topic, additional Bible references, a follow up question, and our current memory verse.  This can be used before the weekend gathering to provide you with the opportunity to be teaching the material before we do or as follow up material afterwards.  Newsletters can be picked up from our resource stands or you can sign up to receive them in your inbox.

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If you are looking for further resources please speak with one of the KAC Kids staff members.

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